2018 NEW Fantasy Manager for Formula 1 [ENG]

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2018 NEW Fantasy Manager for Formula 1 [ENG]

Post od NotCharlieWhiting » Pet Mar 23, 2018 1:47 pm

Dear fellow racefans,

wanna intensify your experience of the upcoming F1 season?

Manage your own Fantasy F1 team and compete with motorsport enthusiasts around the world!

Best of all, it’s totally free of charge, a game from fans for fans that works on all devices. Besides pleasant to look at coming with a challenging, smart game concept that anyone familiar with fantasy sports immediately should be able to grasp.

In case you wanna give it a shot, I created a league called "F1 Serbia" to play among forum members only that you can enter using the following code: 3a4ec6d8-81a0-4346-a2c6-5d2f92b51d17 once you've registered at http://www.f1om.com.

Kind regards
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Re: 2018 NEW Fantasy Manager for Formula 1 [ENG]

Post od iceman036 » Pet Mar 23, 2018 2:21 pm

immediate ban! :!: :!: :!:


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